Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh my...what a solution

First here's the problem...Ron is too tall to fit in the double bed in the RV. I think Ronald can come up with a solution for pretty much anything but this one I'm not so sure him and his friend are going to make a hole in the wall at the end of the double bed to make room for his feet. The proposed idea is that when Ron's sleeping he'll hang his feet through the hole in the wall, it would almost make sense - if it wasn't the bathroom wall! So now when I get up at 3am to use the facilities I'm going to have to move Ron's feet out of the way first! This is going to be an interesting trip!



  1. Have you considered having ghim bonsied?


  2. Okay , I'm reading it! ;)
    Are you really going to cut a hole in the wall?!
    What type of RV do you have?
    We're fulltimers but have never ventured into Mexico with our RV so I'm interested in your adventure.

  3. Hey Paul if I shrink him I might have to do all the driving, so I guess I'll have to just deal with our new fancy indoor bathroom window lol

  4. And yes Karen, he's really going to do it. I'll post pics when its done

  5. I really thought you were kidding.

  6. Nope wasn't kidding,he's done it and he's on his way over to show it to me. I'll post pictures later.