Thursday, December 24, 2009

San Francisco was great, now it's off to Vegas!

Our first night in San Francisco was spent driving around the scariest parts of the city - thanks to Dave aka our GPS. It sent us to a so-called RV park which was actually just the parking lot of a crack shack apartment building. It also sent us down a one way street next to Candlestick Park. Again Ron's driving skills were superb, he managed to turn the RV around on a one way street. Lol now we know that sometimes the direction of the streets change and the red X's above the street lights mean don't enter! oopsy. After our exciting tour of the hood, we managed to find a Walmart parking lot to park in for the night. I've never been so happy to see a Walmart in my life. Funny thing was they kicked us out early in the morning after giving us a warning ticket because we parked too close to the Macy's. Signs were posted? We didn't see any signs officer, really we didn't. Another oops.

The next day we went for a hike up a mountain trail and watched the ocean waves crashing below, it was so beautiful. We also went over the Golden Gate bridge, we saw Alcatraz from the shore of the Bay, now I understand why only one person has ever escaped, that's quite the swim.

We stopped and bought delicious tree ripened oranges from a road side market, they were soooo good. They were so fresh they still had green leaves on them. I wish I could bring some back home with me, but customs won't let us, bummer. We'll just have to eat as many as we can before we come home. :)

For me the highlight of San Francisco was riding our bikes through the famous gay village in the Castro district. I haven't ridden a bike in that much traffic in years, and there I was on the hilliest streets of American riding my bike, gotta love it.

Now we're in Vegas, this is gonna be fun fun fun....


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