Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hasta la vista Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta was a fun place to hang out. The beaches were beautiful. I ate at beachfront restaurants with my feet in the sand. I watched fishermen and fed pelicans from the pier. Some local boys asked me to take pictures of them jumping off the pier. It was cute, after they'd jump in they'd run back over to me to look at the pictures I'd taken of them. Gotta love digital.

I loved strolling along the busy malecon (boardwalk) at night. We watched street performers and dancers in the main square near the cathedral. Things really come alive at night. Bars and clubs don't get going until about 11pm. We went to a bar called Club Roxy, the house band was excellent.

We ride the scooter everywhere we go. For us cobblestone streets are brutal and so are the topes (speed bumps). I have to get off the scooter every time we need to go over a speed bump. Mexican scooters all have bigger tires, the locals always have a good laugh when they see us trying to maneuver over the topes. We're ok with being a source of entertainment. Have a look at the video of Ron singing along with the mariachi band in the restaurant. Maybe he's found his calling as a mariachi man?

Or maybe a Mexican shoe salesman? Hey sinor, wanna buy a pair of shoes?

After leaving Puerto Vallarta we spent a night in San Blas on our way Mazatlan. We parked right next to the beach for the night. The sand in San Blas was fine white sand, the nicest we've seen so far. Here are a few pictures I took of the view from our windows.

We're now in Mazatlan for a week. This will be our final Mexican city before we cross over the boarder at Nogales. I can't believe our trip is almost over and we'll be back to reality soon.

I've gotten pretty comfortable with traveling, exploring and living in the RV full time, along with not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock!


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