Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got eaten alive at the zoo

At the zoo in Puerto Vallarta you have the opportunity to feed almost all the animals they have there. With my trusty bag of zoo food in hand, I knew there was a risk of being bitten while I was reaching into a cage and feeding a variety of wild animals, including leopards and black bears. But my main concern should have been the fleas! A picture is worth a thousand words and this one says - Ouch, someone should have used some bug spray!

I went online and checked out Trip Advisor to read the reviews of the Puerto Vallarta zoo before we went there. I do agree with other visitors who said some of the animals looked stressed and sick. The ostriches barely had any feathers left on them, one ostrich was bleeding on its back, that was sad to see. Also most of the cages looked too small for the animals they housed. Watching some of the animals pace back and forth in circles was hard to watch as well.

It was amazing to be so close to the animals. There weren't high walls or moats between us and them, including the big cats. We could feed most of the animals either over a low wall or through a chain link fence. What an experience that was. It was funny how the hippo and the zebra opened their mouths before we even got out the food.

Putting my hand through the fence and feeding a big black bear was very cool. He ate a peanut right out of my hand. Also a highlight of our zoo day was for an extra $10.00 you can go in the cage with a young tiger or jaguar. I chose the tiger. I was too chicken to wrestle around and play with him like you see lion tamers do, (since he was 3 months old and already had really big teeth!) but I did manage to pet him on the head once lol. I should have chosen the jaguar, he was only a month old and I could have sat with him on my lap, oh well next time.

Aside from the buffet lunch I provided for the fleas, we had a great time at the zoo. :)


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