Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys will be boys

No matter how old they are, boys will always be boys. That pretty much sums up all the events of the past few days.

Only a Canadian could invent a 'sand Zamboni' using a quad, a board, a few chains and some nails. Ron and the Bocce boys have been busy manicuring their Bocce course to perfection using their new invention. It was pretty funny watching them driving it up and down the course, one guy driving, another on the back weighing it down and the other 5 guys watching from the sidelines drinking beer.

After doing a superb job on the Bocce course Ron and Dave decided to play in the ocean for a while. When Ron showed up in his French Canadian swim attire Dave thought twice about hanging out with a dude in a Speedo, but he eventually got over it and in they went. Good on ya Dave. ;)

Last night we went to the rodeo. We listened to live music, danced, drank cheap beer and watched Mexican cowboys ride raging bulls. Ok not all the bulls were raging, one smart bull decided laying down would be easier than trying to throw the rider off. The crowd had a good laugh over it.

We got there around 9pm and stayed until after 1am, it was still going strong when we left. Mexican's sure know how to have a good time. The arena was full. Everyone was up dancing in the stands and in the ring in front of the stage. The girls were dressed to the nines, and the guys were all decked out in their plaid shirts and white cowboy hats. No need to worry if you left your hat at home because they had lots for sale.

We enjoyed watching some young future cowboys fooling around pretending they were bulls. One boy had a lasso and was running around the ring catching his friends (the bulls). I didn't take any video because my camcorder wasn't working properly, but I did manage to snap a photo of the boy with the lasso as he was waiting to get into the ring.

I had so much fun, I'd love to go again.

Oops I almost forgot about Jarro's. My brain needs a siesta. I've had a fun busy weekend without much sleep. Saturday night we went to Jarro's, the nightclub in Barra De Navidad. We hung out with our friend Roke and danced the night away until 4am. Have I mentioned that I barely slept this weekend?

The last time we were at Jarro's they had three Mexican senorita's do a dance competition, well this time it was the boys turn, except they had to do a little strip show. Ay, caramba!

As you can see, life in Mexico is never boring. :)


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