Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A rough night in Mexico

We woke up last night at midnight to a rain storm and what felt like hurricane force winds rocking our RV. We found out today that they were actually 80 MPH winds, no wonder we felt like we were going to take off.

Before I went to bed I sat at the beach and watched a lightning storm flashing in the distance over the ocean. I thought the light show was over, so I went to bed. But as I slept the storm got closer and pounded down on the trailer park. During the night the guys were all running around in the rain trying to tie things down. It was a long night for everyone.

Ron just came in and said "It's like a friggin monsoon out there." He's been out in the rain all morning helping people dig trenches and clean up everything that's been blown around or broken.

The road and the Bocce course are now gigantic mud puddles as are most of the sites across from us. I heard a few people will be renting rooms at the hotel for the night because their sites are flooded. We seem to be ok where we are.

Gord looking at the flood in front of his RV and still smiling -No Bad Days for Gord :)

During the night our awning came crashing down and hit the trailer beside us, there doesn't seem to be too much damage to the neighbors trailer but Ron will need to buy a new awning.

Earlier this morning I went out for a walk to find my favorite stray dog and see how he was after the storm. He's a sweetie, a shaggy Terrier mix of some sort. The locals call him Solo Vino. He usually runs over to me right away when he sees me, but today he just looked up at me as if to say - what the heck's up with all this rain? He's not too happy with being soaking wet, but he sure smells better. Now that he doesn't stink (as much) maybe I can sneak him into the RV without Ron knowing? ;) He's blind in one eye, missing a few teeth and walks with a limp but I'd love to take him home.

Our power's been going on and off since last night, so I'd better hurry up with this post. It's still raining like crazy out there, so it's not over yet...and to think we were worried about the septic problem.


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