Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shit happens even in paradise

Where are my friends Paul and Howie when I need them? One of the exciting events around the trailer park this week was the back up of the septic system for the RV's along the beach side. Adina and I were sitting outside and heard a strange gurgle then boom it happened, I won't describe any more cause it was pretty nasty. Thankfully it never caused a problem inside the motor home, but the aroma on the outside was another story.

Another event this week was our big Bocce ball tournament. We had 9 teams playing double knock out. It was 95 degrees out and there we were playing Bocce for 6 or 7 hours in the sun. It was nice to have all our neighbors come out and have a good time, drinking and playing Bocce til sundown. We stopped at 2pm for a potluck at Gord and Donna's place, everyone brought food, it was an awesome spread. That's me and Gord in the pictures.

View of the tournament from the hotel rooftop - my motor
home is the 2nd one in on the beach side

Me throwing - got my serious game face on

Me & Gord at the 'officials' table - Gord's keeping score
on our Chiquita banana box score card with clothes pegs

Chili - Dave's Mexican Hairless dog

Me & Gord having a drink

After lunch, me and my partner Linda made it to the final 4 teams. Things were going just great until darkness was upon us. I requested from the head honcho guy Dave (haha) that we should postpone the last 4 games until tomorrow, as he was holding two spotlights in hands (with about 50 candle power each) he said ahhhh lets keep playing. Well since its our first year here I reluctantly agreed to play in the dark. Half way through the game we were leading 6-5 and I threw 4 balls out of bounds! My opponent Harold only had to throw 4 balls in bounds anywhere on the course to win, and he did. I was very upset, but in the spirit of the thing I walked away quietly, and then everyone packed up for the night, go figure.

The other 3 games were played the following day. As it turns out (which I knew) my opponent Harold and his partner Ron were the ones to beat, and they won the tournament. As Forrest Gump would say "And that's all I have to say about that."

Me being official again

- as I'm affectionately know as around here.

The Spanish word for Rum is Ron, "I'll have another Ron and Coke por favor."

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