Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hola! from Ron

Today I was busy relaxing amongst the palm trees on the beach beside my wonderful 1987 motor home. She's working great, no problemo's.

Here's a lesson on buying silver in Mexico. Today we found out that when you spend only 300 pesos (about $27 US) on two sterling silver bracelets, they're probably not really silver even if they are stamped with 925. Our very convincing Mexican beach salesman with the big smile, said "Senor 925 is the best silver you can buy, see the stamp? I give you best price." So we bought. Then Adina was trying to take off a link to make the bracelet smaller and one of the links broke in half in her hands. She's gotta stop eating so many Wheaties or maybe we need to be more cautious with our beach purchases. After the fact, we found a webpage explaining what real silver in Mexico should look like, it's suppose to have the 925 stamped on it and it also has to have Mexico stamped on it, fake ones don't have the word Mexico on them. Live and learn.

For the last couple of days we rented a scooter to zip around with, sure beats walking. Yesterday after finding a beautiful deserted point overlooking Mazatlan we managed to get lost, ended up somehow on Highway 15 going south. When the traffic became unbearable I finally had to stop at a gas station and ask for directions. Getting directions was an experience in itself, we had 4 guys and a map and only one of us could speak English. And the solution was - go back! After making 2 lefts and a right we found our way back. Not blaming Adina cause she packed the translator and it helped with the street signs, but somebody should have brought along the GPS, maybe me? I'm not admitting anything. All in all we still had fun.

As it turns out, the guy from Manitoba who's parked next to us here at the RV park has a scooter for sale, and we've decided to buy it. So we're staying here in Mazatlan a little longer until he's ready to give it up. We'll be heading out of here on Monday morning, into the south and on to a hotter humid climate. My tan is going well, Adina is still pretty much white with a slight brown tinge. I've decided the rooftop of the motor home is a great place to tan. God I love the sun!

Oh and by the way does anyone have any Raid??

I just took this sunset photo from the roof of the motor home. Who needs expensive hotels with a view like this!



  1. What a great blog and what a FANTASTIC photo of the sailboat at sunset. Most of us north of the US border are in freezing temps up here! Keep up the great work.

    Joe and Tracey from Maryland(a couple of the guys and gals out here who are following with interest.)

  2. Hey, nice scooter :P Are you bringing it back? I hope so, I wanna ride it :)