Monday, January 4, 2010

We're having a blast in Mazatlan!

We're at the Mar Rosa RV park in the middle of the hotel zone, right on the beach, it doesn't get much better than this. Its about 80 degrees during the day and a comfortable 70 at night. The sunsets are incredible. The sunset photo I've posted isn't edited, its like the sky is on fire, its amazing. Everything here is within walking distance or just a short Pulmonia ride to the markets and the nightclub zone. Pulmonia's are open air golf carts, like taxis, except they drive really fast, weave in and out of traffic and they blast loud music while their driving. Its quite the adventure. Our driver Saturday night played Michael Jackson for us on our way to the 'Disco' (as they call them here). Ron took video of our ride, in the video you'll hear him say we're in Manila, now that would be long drive! Its now a running joke with us, he never remembers where we are, where are we again?? ;)

We went to a really cool bar the other night called Sumbawa, its a funky beachfront club with a pool. Nightlife here doesn't start until 11pm, so if you show up early around 10pm there's no cover. Drinks are cheap too, 2 for 1 Corona's for only 4 bucks. I of course had my usual Kahlua, which they were making more like doubles or triples. I had so much fun.

Yesterday we went into Old Mazatlan for the afternoon. We visited the cathedral, checked out some abandoned buildings and had a delicious authentic Mexican lunch at an outdoor restaurant. We walked around for a few hours trying to find the flea market area, we finally found it but most of the shops were closed because it was Sunday. We'll have to go back again during the week. I think we're here for another 3 days. I'd love to stay longer. :)


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