Sunday, January 17, 2010

Made it to Melaque

We decided to make a right rather than a left and here we are in Melaque. I think this is the furthest south we're going, decided against going to Zihuatanejo. We're enjoying Melaque. It's a quaint village with cobble stone streets, dirt roads and friendly people. They have everything we need here, beaches, shops, restaurants, nothing big, no Walmart and no McDonalds thank god. The beaches are shallow with lots of sand and big waves. We're staying at Laguna del Tule, they have RV spaces and bungalows to rent. They have a pool, swim up bar and restaurant over looking the beach. We have a prime location in the park, right on the the beach. We have some fun partying neighbors, under 50 thankfully. Most days I've been drinking, swimming, playing Bocce ball in the day and drinking by the bonfire on the beach at night. Man this is a tough life.

As you can see from this picture, I'm looking more and more less like a gringo every day. The locals all think I'm Mexican and the gringos are shocked when they say hola to me in the morning and I reply with a hey how's it going. I hope they let me across the border going home.

We went out last night to Barra de Navidad, the town next to us. We went to a blues bar and grill called Piper Lover. It was full of Canadians. I drank a gallon there and then we moved on to a local nightclub called Jarro, pronounced Harro with a rolled Rrrrr. We had fun at Jarro's dancing and drinking with the locals. We grabbed a taxi back for a reasonable 50 pesos and arrived at the RV homestead at 3:30am. A good time was had by all, and now I need some Tylenol and a nap on the beach.

We're hoping to stay here for 2 weeks if we can keep our spot, we're here for a week for sure. If they can't find another spot for us we'll sick our new guard dog on them!


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