Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ok on to happier things now...

The other day we rode our bikes over to Barra De Navidad. Barra is a nice little town, I like it there because everything is so central. I have a terrible sense of direction, I keep getting lost in Melaque when I'm out riding my bike on my own. But I always seem to find my way home, as long as I can find the ocean I can make it back to the RV park. :)

I've been enjoying watching the surfers playing in the huge waves in Barra and the skim boarders on the shore here in Melaque. Last March there was a big skim board competition held on the beach in front of the Laguna Del Tule where we're staying. I have to find out if they're doing it again here this year. That would be cool to watch. I hear people come from all over to watch and participate, they blast loud music, drink, eat, it's a 3 day beach party. Sounds good to me.

Yesterday I went to a fundraising event benefiting the clean up of the lagoon. I had a good time, they had dancers, singers, a mariachi band and a buffet. No wonder I couldn't find a goat in Melaque, they keep putting all of them in their stew! In spite of the floating goat's head in the pot, I was brave and ate the stew. I passed on the brains though, I do have my limits.

Its another beautiful sunny day in Melaque, time to go lounge by the pool...hey check out the dude in the Speedo...omg.


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